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why us

Development Process Expertise

Discover the power of automation and ways of working with Green Glacier. Transform your software delivery, saving time and resources while enhancing quality and developer experience.

DevOps Innovation and Skill

Keep ahead in the competitive tech landscape. Our DevOps approach ensures rapid, reliable software updates and feature releases. Embrace the future of software development.

Continuous Integration Mastery

Overcome release delays and technical debt. Our expertise in continuous integration and automated testing helps you smoothly refactor and upgrade your software.

Development speed is your competitive advantage

We specialize in efficient, automated processes that save time and reduce costs while enhancing the quality of software delivery. Partner with us to gain a competitive edge through superior technology solutions.

Developer & Operational Excellence

Our approach improves the developer experience by simplifying processes, allowing teams to focus on innovation rather than operational challenges.

Scalable & Future-Proof Solutions

We provide scalable solutions that adapt to evolving technological trends, ensuring your release management stays ahead of the curve.

Enhanced Quality & Reliability

Continuous integration and automated testing ensure higher quality and more reliable software releases, reducing the risk of post-release issues.

Time & Cost Efficiency

Automating and streamlining the release process significantly reduces the time and resources required, translating into cost savings and faster time-to-market.

Our Services

Streamlined Release Management

Tackle release delays with our streamlined approach, reduce the manual effort, implement efficient and automated workflows.

Managing Legacy Software

Implement continuous integration and automated testing to gradually refactor and reduce technical debt without needing a complete rewrite.

Feature Integration Assistance

Use feature flags to integrate new features early in the development process, avoiding integration problems at the release stage.

Source Code Management

Simplify development process by minimizing complex branching strategies. Optimize fragmented code repositories for a reliable CI.

the benchmarks

Release Process
Release Preparationnoneseveral days
Release Sizesmalllarge
Error Ratelowhigh
Resource Utilizationvery lowhigh
Release Frequencyhighlow

Ways of Working
Branching Strategysimplecomplex
Feature Flagsyesno
Automated Testingyesno
CI Environmentyesno
Technical Debtlowhigh

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    Our Team

    Eugene Zhukov

    Eugene Zhukov

    Founding partner

    Professional experience in software industry since 2004. Hands-on expertise coding, testing and hosting SaaS solutions. Specializing in continuous integration and release management.

  • Al Nikolov

    Al Nikolov


    Over 30 years oscillating between programming, OS administration, testing, and security. Specializing in Git, Python, and C; build engineering across multiple platforms and Behavior Driven Testing.

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    Cups of Coffee

    Arttu Heikkilä

    Arttu Heikkilä

    CTO at Sympa

    Eugene was instrumental in kickstarting our DevOps efforts, virtually from the ground up. He skillfully implemented the practices and put the tooling in place, significantly accelerating product development. Moreover, he automated every step from development environments through to production, enhancing productivity, efficiency and reliability.

  • Soma Muthumanickam

    Soma Muthumanickam

    VP of Products & Engineering at Basemark

    Al was doing a great job leading the DevOps efforts at Basemark. He is very strong technology-wise, and we could always rely on him to get things done. I particularly appreciated his knowledge of modern Behavior Driven Development approaches.

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    Business ID: 2844410-5
    VAT ID: FI28444105
    Location: Espoo, Finland